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"10,00 Hours, I'm so close I can taste it" - Macklemore


Throwback Thursday: Daft Punk is Playing at My Arrested House

What a week it is for the world of entertainment; the return of Daft Punk and Arrested Development. These were arguably the greatest pieces of works in their respective worlds from early 2000s. Personally, they are two of my favorite interests in life. Daft Punk returned first with their fourth studio album Random Access Memories. […]

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Dream Like a 4 Year Old

Dream Like a 4 Year Old

A friend sent me this clip the other day and I was super inspired. Kai, the super singing 4 year old went on television and did something that most adults would never do. Have you ever wondered what happened in the transformation from childhood to adulthood? It seems to go from believing you can do […]

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Cannes Film Festival 2013

Cannes Film Festival 2013

Happy opening night of Cannes! The 2013 Cannes Film Festival kicks off tonight with with Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.  In the springs of 2010 and 2011, I had the incredible privilege of attending the Cannes Film Festival while interning for Summit Entertainment.  It was one of the richest and enlightening experiences I’ve ever had.  […]

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Why I Love Vine

While I do love the True Vine, Jesus, this is not the Vine I am reference.  Vine is video based social media service that is owned by Twitter, another social media service for you to join? Yes another! It features the user creating six second videos that constantly loop when they show up in your […]

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If You Stop Chasing Your Dreams, You Die

If You Stop Chasing Your Dreams, You Die

Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz is one of the top tracks around the whole world right now.  Wanz is a high school friend of my parents and was gracious enough to come on The Current this week.  If you are an artist, musician, film maker or dreamer, please watch this interview […]

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My NBC Experience Part 2 – Sunday Night Football

My NBC Experience Part 2 – Sunday Night Football

As a continuation of my previous post, on Saturday, I was able to go back to NBC and attend the live taping of Sunday Night Football in America for Wild Card Weekend.  One of my heroes and mentor, Tony Dungy, is an analyst for the show and was kind enough to let me come along. […]

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